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Beatriz Rosario
Program Manager, ESCALERA STEM

I am a Latinx woman of Puerto Rican Descent. I am an advocate, teacher, social justice, and spiritual warrior! My family has a rich culture with the diaspora roots and I strongly believe that education is very important in moving our people forward. Being of Puerto Rican Heritage, I moved to Connecticut and had to learn English at the age of 8.  I graduated college in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services/Sociology and perused my Master's in Counseling and Family Therapy.  I have worked many years with our youth who have undergone many life struggles that include many forms of abuse (emotional, physical, and/or sexual.) I have worked with all populations in different contexts including spiritually. That includes guiding others in connecting with their original roots to learn the basic methods of Love and Connection, that are key to healing our communities. What has guided me into doing this work has everything to do with what I myself have undergone. Growing up in poverty, witnessing, and experiencing all types of my own abuse, as well as the pain that the people in my own community and family have experienced. I strongly believe education is the greatest gift you can give these children, that are our future. I also believe that the work is not just for girls or women but more for boys and men so that they may know how to respect and treat women and not allow anyone in their lives to experience any of it, as well as the importance of growing up to be influential future leaders.